The future of meat starts here.
We produce growth medium to make cultured meat affordable.


Meat is not innocent!

Meat production is unfair, unhealty and unfriendly to environment. Today, for each kilogram of meat production:

liters of water is required
m2 of land is needed
kilogram of CO2 is released
mg of antibiotics are used

We are

We produce microorganism based, natural and cost effective growth medium supplement to grow muscle stem cells. Instead of conventional fetal-bovine-serum (FBS) dependent production, that is nearly 90% of the bill, our patent pending formulation decreases related expenses dramatically. We introduce much better way to cultivate affordable meat.

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By use of Biftek growth medium supplement, the end product is real meat without any genetic modifications or antibiotics. Meat is disease free and as healthy as it should be.

Environment friendly

There will be minimal need to water and land. %18 of the global green house gas emission could be minimized if all the meat production becomes clean.


"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian." - Sir Paul McCartney. In the future we will look back and say how cruel we were abusing animals. With clean meat technology there would be no need for animals and slaughterhouses.


Price of each kilogram of meat will decrease as Biftek growth medium supplement cuts the cost dramatically. Therefore commercialized cultured meat revolution will solve the growing protein demand for the globe.



Lab-grown Kebab?


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Our Team

Let's meat

Prof. Can Akcali has MD degree from Ankara University and PhD degree from University of Cincinnati, Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology. He worked as a professor in Bilkent University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department. Currently he is vice president in Stem Cell Institute in Ankara University. Prof. Akcali is the recipient of Novartis Science Award, Vehbi Koç Health Award, Gordon Research Conference Award. He is the author of many scientific papers and book chapters. He has been advisor of numerous graduate students.

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Prof. Dr. Can Akcali Chief Scientist

Dr. Erdem Erikci holds BS and MS degree from Bilkent University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, Turkey and received his PhD in Biology from Georg-August-Universität Gottingen, Max Planck Institute, Germany. His papers were published in renowned journals such as Nature. He is responsible of research and development of novel methods and validations in cultured meat production. Previously he co-founded and that tackles with climate change by use of big data.

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Dr. Erdem Erikci Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Kerem Erikci holds Electrical Engineering BS and MBA degrees from Bilkent University, Turkey, MS degree in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He has 18 years of engineering and marketing experience at corporate and startup companies. He co-founded and that received international recognition by EU, UNIDO and UN. Mr. Erikci is experienced in the life cycles of startups with innovative products and services.

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Mr. Kerem Erikci Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Melih Akcali, holds BS degree in Engineering from Middle East Technical University and MA in Economics from Gazi University. He is specialized in financial risk management. His expertise is understanding cash flows and valuations in commercial and banking agreements. Mr. Akcali is responsible from finance and feasibility studies of new endeavours.

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Mr. Melih Akcali Chief Finance Officer

Advisor Team

Wealth of Experience

Passionate about innovative technology startups, Sibel Tunali is a talented international business executive with over 30 years of strategic management, partnership and business development experience and a strong understanding of international markets such as Canada, US, UK, Finland, Portugal and Turkey. Sibel graduated from Bogazici University in Electrical Engineering and has a Corporate Finance Postgraduate degree from the London School of Business. Over the last 10 years, Sibel has worked with various technology startups in sustainable business growth. Since 2018, she also spearheaded the Start-in Bodrum accelerator/collaborative Platform, creating business development opportunities between local investors and startups together with her partner Gert Kroon.

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Sibel Tunali General Advisor

As a founder of a Data Science company and over 25 years of international experience in IBM Corporate and Governmental sector, Gert Kroon is an experienced advisor with international business network in Europe. Gert has graduated from Haagse Hogeschool Information Technology in the Netherlands and he is currently finalizing his Executive MBA program at the first US Online MBA University. With a solid financial and technical background, he has broad knowledge of all steps of growth including commercialization, scale-up, marketing and operations for development of a commercial product. Since November 2018, Gert has also spearheaded the Start-in Bodrum accelerator/collaborative platform, creating business development opportunities between international investors and startups together with his partner Sibel Tunali.

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Gert Kroon Startup Advisor

Ms. Lucky is responsible to provide sense of urgency to our team. Her aim is to save animals from cruelty. Her eyes tell us to what she feels about people around; not very positive though.

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Ms. Lucky Animal Relations

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